'A Love Worth Giving' poster

‘A Love Worth Giving’ tells the story of Sam and Luke, a young couple torn apart while waiting for a lung donor.  Highlighting the need for organ donors in the UK this extremely moving film takes us on a short life journey through love and loss.


It was a pleasure to work with James on this important project.  When writing the score I was very conscious of maintaining an emotional sincerity without overplaying the drama.  Here’s one of the more poignant musical moments from the film:

HTCTWJerry Rothwell’s latest feature documentary ‘How To Change The World‘ has won the Sundance jury prize for ‘Best Editing’.  The film tells the story of how Greenpeace evolved.  From a bunch of visionary hippies setting sail to scupper a U.S government atomic test in Alaska to the development of a powerful international organisation.

One of the most significant scenes in the film is accompanied by a piece of music that I wrote and recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  Greenpeace position themselves dangerously between the whales and Russian Harpoons:

Original soundtrack link:


World Premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival-  9:10pm, 22nd June 2013

Written and directed by Justin Edgar. Original score by Vincent Watts

A surreal and anarchic anti-teen movie about three misfits having the night of their lives. Starring Michael Smiley (Kill List, For Those in Peril, A Field in England) Jamie Blackley (The Fifth Estate) Sean Teale (Skins) Rosamund Hanson (This is England) and Adam Gillen (Fresh Meat). In cinemas 2013.

“….a hilarious script, a knockout soundtrack and an excellent ensemble cast..”