“Vincent Watts’ synth and piano lilts hit just the right note of reflective sombreness…” – Film 4 review of the BAFTA Scotland nominated film ‘A Woman In Winter’

Vincent is a composer who appreciates good music from all genres.  He is equally inspired by classical concert music, film scores by masters like Bernard Herrmann, and popular music from early rock ‘n’ roll to contemporary electronica.  His strong classical training and deep practical knowledge of audio technology form a solid foundation for a musical palette which is diverse yet distinctive.  As well as incorporating original and creative ideas, he is also known for producing music that is full of emotional depth and atmospheric strength.

Frequently working with talented solo musicians he has also scored for full scale orchestra recently working with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  Now published with Metropolis Studios Music Publishing Vincent’s music compositions are reaching out to an even larger audience.

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