Composer & Sound Designer

Over two decades experience working on film & television soundtracks

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Title (Release Year), Credit, 
Production Company, Director 

Theatrical Drama / Comedy

The Letter Writer (2021), Re-recording Mixer, 
Canopus Films, Layla Kaylif

Fanny Lye Deliver’d (2019), Sound Designer, 
BFI / Pull Back Camera, Thomas Clay

Crowhurst (2017), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Sterling Pictures, Simon Rumley

God’s Own Country (2017), Supervising Sound Editor / Re-recording Mixer, 
BFI / Inflammable Films, Francis Lee

Crooked House (2017), Music Editor, 
Fred Films, Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Kids In Love (2016), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Ealing Studios, Chris Foggin

Departure (2015), Re-recording Mixer,
BFI / Amaro Films, Andrew Steggall
We Are The Freaks (2013), Composer, 
104 Films, Justin Edgar

Gone Too Far (2013), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
BFI / Poisson Rouge, Destiny Ekaragha

The Liability (2012), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Corona Films, Craig Viveiros

Dead In France (2012), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Delacheroy Films, Kris McManus

The Magic Hour (2009), Additional Score / Re-recording Mixer, 
UK Film Council / 104 Films, Justin Edgar

Identity of the Soul (2009), Music Editor / Re-recording Mixer, 
Met Film Production, Thomas Hoegh

Special People (2007), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
104 Films, Justin Edgar

In the Name of (2007), Additional Score / Sound Designer, 
Tiger Ventures, Beata Hughes

Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006), Additional Score / Sound Designer, 
Kali Films, Pratibha Parmar

A Woman In Winter (2006), Composer, 
UK Film Council / Tartan Films, Richard Jobson

Bob the Butler (2005), Sound Designer, 
Park Entertainment, Gary Sinyor

Around the World in 80 Days (2004), Assistant Music Editor, 
Walt Disney Pictures, Frank Coraci

16 Years of Alcohol (2003), Sound Designer, 
Tartan Films, Richard Jobson

Theatrical Horror / Thriller

Once Upon A Time In London (2019), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer,
Ratio Films, Simon Rumley
The Marker (2017), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
104 Films, Justin Edgar

Fashionista (2016), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
AMP international / Rumley Vision, Simon Rumley

Johnny Frank Garret’s Last Word (2016), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Boss Media, Simon Rumley

Dark Hearts (2014), Sound Designer,
Boundless Pictures, Rudolf Buitendach 

Wayland’s Song (2013), Re-recording Mixer,
Big Life Pictures, Richard Jobson
Offender (2012), Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Gunslinger Films, Ron Scalpello

The ABCs of Death- Paramaribo (2012), Sound Designer, 
Drafthouse Films, Simon Rumley
Truth Or Dare (2012), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Corona Pictures, Rob Heath

Red, White & Blue (2010), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Fidelity Films, Simon Rumley

The Reeds (2010), Composer, 
Funnyman Films, Nick Cohen
Resurrecting the Street Walker (2009), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Scala Productions, Ozgur Uyanik

Reverb (2008), Additional Score / Sound Designer, 
Swipe Films, Eitan Arrusi

Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2008), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Intense Productions, Chee Keong Cheung

The Purifiers (2004), Additional Score / Sound Designer, 
Working Title Films, Richard Jobson

Title (Release Year), Credit, 
Production Company, Director

Theatrical Documentary

The Silver Servers (2021), Music Editor / Additional Score,
Salon Pictures, Dan Lobb

Who Killed The KLF (2021), Composer, 
Fulwell 73, Chris Atkins

Armstrong (2019), Sound Designer, 
Tin Goose Films, David Fairhead

The School In The Cloud (2018), Composer, 
Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Mercury 13 (2018), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Fine Point Films, David Sington & Heather Walsh

Beyond The Tryline (2016), Composer, 
Finite Films, Pierre Deschamps

Innsaei (2016), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Klikk Productions, Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir

How To Change The World (2015), Add. Score / Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer,
Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Fear Of 13 (2015), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer,
Dox Productions, David Sington

Casablanca Calling (2014), Re-recording Mixer, 
Redbird Productions, Rosa Rogers

Town Of Runners (2012), Composer, 
Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Janapar (2012), Composer, 
James Newton Films, James Newton

Duam Drita (2011), Composer, 
TS Productions (France), Vincent Hazard

Donor Unknown (2010), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Starsuckers (2009), Composer, 
S2S Productions, Chris Atkins

The Yesmen Fix the World (2009), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Renegade Pictures, Andy Bichlbaum & Mike Bonanno

Heavy Load (2008), Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer, 
Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Taking Liberties (2007), Composer, 
S2S Productions, Chris Atkins

Television Documentary

The Enfield Poltergeist- Mini Series (2023), Series Composer, 
Apple TV / Met Film Production, Jerry Rothwell

Evacuation- Mini Series (2023), Series Composer, 
Channel 4 / Wonderhood Studios, James Newton

Super Surgeons- Mini Series (2022), Series Composer, 
Channel 4 / Wonderhood Studios, James Newton

Baby Surgeons- Mini Series (2021), Series Composer,
Channel 4 / Wonderhood Studios, James Newton

Secret History of Writing- Mini Series (2020), Sound Editor / Re-recording Mixer,
BBC4 / Dox Productions, David Sington

Inside The Social Network (2019), Composer,
BBC1 / BBC Horizon, James Newton

Heart Transplant: A Chance To Live (2018), Composer,
BBC1 / 7 Wonder Productions, James Newton

How To Build A Robot (2017), Composer, 
Channel 4 / Tuesday’s Child, Jame Newton

My Amazing Twin (2016), Composer,
BBC1 / BBC Horizon, James Newton

Muse Of Fire (2013), Sound Re-recording Mixer, 
BBC4 / Lion TV, Dan Poole & Giles Terera

Crimewatch: Caught in the Crossfire (2012), Composer,
BBC1, James Newton

One Man Walking (2011), Incidental Music / Sound Design,
Channel 4 / MJW Productions, Margaret Williams

This World: TEA Party America (2010), Additional Score,
BBC2 / Renegade Pictures, Alex Cooke

This World: Closing Guantanamo (2009), Composer,

BBC2 / Renegade Pictures, Alex Cooke